Mimi Stevens

“Mimi Stevens” is a pen name adopted by Lois Grasso-Barrett, so that children can easily say and remember her name. As a very unhappy teenager, Lois vowed that she would teach a “Love Class” in schools when she grew up. Decades later, as founder of the OxyGenesis Institute, she is the driving force behind Magic Button Mindfulness™ and developer of the Whole Schools Tapping to Happy program.

Introduced to the power of conscious breathing in 1981, Lois became certified as a Transformational Breath® Facilitator in 1999. She mastered EFT/Tapping in 2008, and has since developed two new modalities – OxyCise™, a breath-centered exercise program, and On-the-Ball Anger Clearing™ a process that relieves the need for “anger management”. In 2019, she was certified by CT Dept of Education as a School Climate Trainer and completed the State’s full training in Restorative Practices as well as Restorative Circles.

In private practice as a Holistic Health Coach and public speaker since 2001, she has spoken at many colleges, Universities, expos, corporations, non-profit organizations, hospitals, etc. She became an educational  entrepreneur in 2006, when she began organizing international holistic health retreats and cruise conferences on an annual basis, until 2016. She is currently a part-time certification trainer for the CT Alliance of Foster and Adoptive Families (CAFAF).

Her passion for working with children emerged while volunteering weekly, for three years, at her granddaughter’s elementary magnet school. Later, as Director of Youth Ministry at a non-denominational church, she was inspired her to write and publish the ground-breaking story book, Maven & the Magic Buttons; How Tapping into Happy Helps Tears Disappear.

The larger mission of transforming school cultures into more emotionally-supportive environments is now Mimi’s greatest passion. In addition to her love of children, she brings extensive business experience acquired over decades of self-employment as a coach, speaker, consultant, and event producer/facilitator.

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