Who wants less stress and more success? Raise your hand!

Tell kids, parents and educators... "We care!"

It’s the ultimate win-win-win!

Contributing to the health and success of tomorrows leaders is a great way to skyrocket your sales, productivity and public image. Looking at it from every angle, your investment will have been minuscule in comparison to your gains.


The only way you can lose out is if your company does not qualify as a sponsor. Sorry! In keeping with our non-profit mission to empower people for healthy lives, we can only accept sponsor funds from companies that offer safe, non-toxic products and services that truly fill a need.

Of course, fun is a need!

Please inquire below for full details about the various levels of sponsorship outlined below, and to see if your company qualifies.

    Let’s face it… life can get downright painful at times. Especially when you’re a kid.

    But then, being a Marketing Director is not always a picnic either, is it? It’s hard to know what will make the kind of impact you want and need to make, given all the options available today.

    How would you like to be the HERO who connects your company’s most important message to an extremely important social mission like ours?

    Imagine the sheer brilliance and satisfaction of boosting your company’s bottom line by helping us teach Pre-K through 4th grade kids how to transform stress, anxiety, pain and depression into healthy self-confidence and success!

    Our book, mobile app and school programs empower students, teachers and parents to improve their own health, happiness and success. Is anything more needed than that?

    As a Corporate Sponsor, you’ll be making the most heartfelt impression imaginable.

    Imagine the value of your message becoming the cog in the wheel of your most highly-targeted communities. The cog in a community-wheel that empowers children (and their adults) with the skills and support they need to transform painful feelings into self-confidence and winning attitudes.

    There’s nothing like the kind of success that comes from helping others succeed. Imagine what it would mean to be revered by your target market as the company that invests in the health and success of children, families and schools?

    If that’s not enough, imagine the value of increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved job satisfaction and employee morale, as your corporate culture evolves. We can bring you the same powerful training that transformed the schools you sponsored.

    This is your golden opportunity to make a real difference.

    Becoming a sponsor of our non-profit Whole Schools Tap into Happy programs, Maven & the Magic Buttons book, and/or Magic Buttons Mobile App means you will be improving the lives of children– hundreds or thousands – every day!

    Mothers, fathers, teachers, principals, school nurses, school psychologists and social workers will benefit too. And we’ll make sure they all know that your company helped make it happen.

    Our sponsor program offers four levels of involvement, each with increasingly powerful features that speak volumes about how much you care for your ideal customers’ well-being.

    Depending on level of sponsorship selected, the following features are available to support your healthy bottom line...

    • Press Releases to relevant media outlets about your contribution
    • Logo linking from our website to yours
    • Advertising space on our website(s)
    • Your novelty gifts inserted in Swag Bags for students to take home
    • Message or logo printed in the book – various locations & styles
    • Product placement in future copies of book
    • Printed Banners at events for Educators, Students & Families
    • Prizes for Contest Winners featuring your product/service
    • Broadcast media – mentions in interviews and PSAs
    • Message or logo printed on Magic Buttons Cheat Sheet fridge magnet
    • Message or logo printed on Feelings Chart fridge magnet
    • “Magic Buttons” Mobile App – promotional opportunities TBA
    • In-house training for your employees – reduce stress, health issues, absenteeism while improving productivity, morale, and collaboration
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