When an upset occurs, feelings and behaviors can spiral out of control. Kids need daily support to manage emotions in a way that builds self-esteem rather than chipping away at it.

Magic Buttons Mobile App

Maven is animated… she talks, breathes and taps on her Magic Buttons along with your child!

Parents and teachers have their own daily challenges and cannot always provide kids with the support they need. But the Magic Buttons Mobile App makes healthy self-care both easy and attractive to children.

Anytime life gets painful, confusing or overwhelming, your child or student can just turn on their Magic Buttons Mobile App.

The app is being designed for tablets and iPads at first, and later for mobile phones. Account Setup includes the child’s first name and date of birth, allowing us to provide a personalized experience that stays relevant and age-appropriate as the child matures.

For just a few dollars per month, you can provide every child you care about with the kind of support that makes growing up much easier. You’ll wish you had Maven as a friend when you were a child!

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Maven knows that when a child opens the App, something probably happened to cause some kind of physical or emotional pain. So, like any good caring friend, she addresses the child by name and asks what happened. Maven stops talking until the child stops telling their story. Then they proceed to step 2…
Learning to identify and name emotions & feelings is a very important skill. Emoticons are used to make it easy. Young children select from a few emoticons, so they won’t be confused. Older children will be offered more emoticon selections, to support the development of emotional intelligence.
Once Maven knows what feeling is bothering the child, she asks how much it hurts. The child is offered a thermometer-style graphic and instructed to slide their finger up the scale of 1 – 10 to tell Maven where the discomfort level is.
Now Maven invites the child to tap and breathe along with her, while saying the Magic Words. After each round of tapping and breathing, the child is asked to rate their discomfort again. Once it’s down to 2 or less, success is celebrated! “Hooray! You’ve done it!”
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