Fast track to healthy, happy parenting

Good parents strive to give their children everything needed to grow up happy and healthy. Yet the stress of taking care of a child’s needs, before our own needs have been met, can prove to be too much. As much as we want to be better parents, many parents default back to the same patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that their parents relied upon.

While some of your parents patterns, behaviors, and beliefs, probably met your needs. Many probably did not. Some of them supported your development, others may have stifled it. Blaming them helps nobody. Your parents did the best they could with what they knew at the time. But new skills and knowledge make it possible for you to do better for your children — with far less expense and effort than your parents would have had to invest.

For example, EFT Tapping and Belly Button Breathing increase mental and physical energy levels, giving you the internal resources you need to think clearly and creatively when facing challenges. There was little known about them until recently, so your parents probably didn’t have access to these evidence-based skills. But you do!

Now you can:
1. Learn the best way to breathe and relax during pregnancy, childbirth and every phase of child-rearing.
2. Practice valuable techniques for supporting yourself and your child’s development (right from birth) into vibrant health and happiness.
3. Support young children to learn to breath, tap, and relax… instead of acting out and having  tantrums.
4. Help teenagers and pre-teens get through those tough years. If they don’t need drugs to feel okay, they’ll be less vulnerable to peer pressure. Start while they’re young!
5. Model responsible, self-aware behavior and your children will make you proud.

This sounds wonderful, right? And it is. But it can take some time to realize these benefits if done very gradually. For those who prefer to be on the fast track to health and happiness, Transformational Breath® is a powerful and effective option. It’s a holistic process that can clear out the remains of learned breathing patterns, emotional reaction patterns, and outdated beliefs about yourself and the world.

Some of these “subconscious programs” can stifle you – and your children – without realizing it.
When the emotional baggage is cleared, however, healthy breathing patterns emerge and overall stress is significantly reduced. This improves both physical health and mental health, in both the short- and long-term.

You become better able to breathe and relax (rather than tensing up) at the slightest sign of stress. When you are breathing fully and easily, your body, mind and spirit become balanced. A lovely side-effect is that you are naturally more available to your children, your spouse and yourself.

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