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Everyone’s job will get much easier when everyone at school knows about – and uses – the Magic Buttons. Naturally, we must empower all faculty and staff first, so they can support and encourage the students – and each other – to use these skills consistently.

When every adult at the school has these tremendous skills at their fingertips, greater harmony will prevail and the principal’s life will become much easier as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all staff be required to attend this 2.5-hour on-site program.

Attendees will experience the beneficial effects of these skills, first-hand, as well as discovering…

  • How these strategies reduce behavior issues in class
  • How these strategies improve test scores
  • How to use Belly Button Breathing for personal & professional benefit
  • How to use EFT Tapping for personal & professional benefit
  • Remedial methods for implementing these strategies in class rooms
  • Affirmative approaches to sustainable Whole Child progress
  • Enjoyable ways to improve classroom and playground harmony

Every teacher receives a copy of Maven & the Magic Buttons, and is encouraged to read it to the class at least once a month for 3 – 4 months, or whenever they need a healthy break and reminder.

For those interested in the science behind these skills, handouts will be provided regarding controlled studies and other online resources.

Click here for an extensive listing of research studies with links.

As we celebrate our new-found “magical powers”, we also establish a mutual “pact,” among students and staff, to support each other in using our Magic Buttons, so that we all win.

Students are asked to participate in creating a list of circumstances that provide reason to Tap and Breathe. We also develop a list of opportunities and respect ways to support each other when reminders are needed.

The supportive quality of our program contributes to a relaxed, focused and motivating experience in which each child feels seen, heard and valued.

Author, Mimi Stevens, or another trained teacher from our team, reads Maven & the Magic Buttons to every classroom. During this delightful 45-minute experience, the kids create sound effects for the story, and interact with their teachers and classmates. This expressive opportunity creates a sense of safety that engenders support for one another.

The children are then coached to breathe and tap in a way that provides each child with a positive, personal experience of the benefits. Classroom teachers are involved, of course, so that students come to see them as a follow-up mentor.

After questions are answered, students are invited to enter a contest (optional), complete with prizes, by submitting a story about their favorite personal success with the Magic Buttons. Prizes are presented in Phase 4.

Logistical Considerations

Phase 2 requires 2 to 15 days, depending on the size of the school, our staff’s availability, and the principal’s level of commitment to the time schedule required.

Class size is limited to normal class sizes for the school – approximately 20 students. In order to insure sufficient attention is given to each student,  combining classrooms does not work.

Every student can access the Magic Buttons Mobile App and take home a copy of the book for minimal fees, which can be apportioned between parents, school and corporate sponsors. Several options are offered to each school.

Make-Up Sessions will be held toward the end of the program for all students who were not at school on the day their class received the training.

As we celebrate our new-found “magical” powers, we will also establish a pact, among all students and staff, to support each other in using our Magic Buttons, so that we all win.

Students are also encouraged to participate in co-creating a list of circumstances and reasons to Tap and Breathe, as well as how to support each other, respectfully, when reminders are needed.

The most important reasons for using the Magic Buttons are repeated aloud, as affirmations, several times throughout the assembly session:

“I am worth it”
“I deserve to feel good!”

Winning Stories…

There’s nothing like a little bit of friendly competition to get kids focused. Winning prizes reinforces the value and popularity of the techniques. It also brings students together in co-creating a cohesive and safe environment.

Students who previously submitted their own inspiring and well-written stories, are invited up to the stage to share their story (omitting very personal details if any) so they can be cheered and applauded.

It is important for the kids to feel comfortable Tapping and Breathing at home. All family members are invited to this evening program, where we share the Magic Buttons with parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.

As entire families begin using these techniques, we reduce the likelihood that students will be subjected to destructive experiences at home, including abuse, trauma, neglect, and verbal/physical violence.

NOTE: If space does not allow for this size program, an option is to add our adult version of the class during a separate time slot.

We want to know how the Magic Buttons are improving your school’s outcomes just as much as you do!  In fact, our intent is to conduct a long-term, large scale study of the benefits of our program.

Prior to Phase 1, we will provide and administer a survey to every student, designed to ascertain their levels of anxiety, stress, and self-confidence. Staff members are welcome to participate on a voluntary basis, unless required by the school leadership.

Based on your school’s goals, the survey will be repeated at an interval (approx 3 to 6 months) determined, in advance, between our staff and yours.

In addition, we plan to collect anonymous metrics about the use and benefits of the Magic Buttons Mobile App. The results will be shared with the principal, school psychologist, or other staff member designated by the school decision maker who executes the contract for our program.

Note: the Mobile App and Metrics are not expected to be fully available until Fall of 2018.

Several students, who submitted their own inspiring and well-written stories, will be brought up to the stage (if desired). Each child who shares their story will win an autographed copy of the book. Another three will be selected at Phase 4 to win larger prizes.

The contest and prizes will accentuate the value and popularity of the techniques. It will also bring students together in co-creating a cohesive and safe environment.

The few who do not win prizes will be guided through a self-acceptance exercise using EFT, demonstrating another use for the Magic Buttons… acknowledging your courage even when you don’t get the prize!

Why teach these skills in school?

There are several compelling reasons for schools to make these self-regulatory skills part of their Whole Child school culture. Here are a few:

  1. Consistency and repetition are key for developing the skills of Tapping and Belly Button Breathing, much like math and reading skills.
  2. Teachers, principals, staff members and parents… all suffer from stress, anxiety, and other painful feelings too. Their stress contributes to students’ stress and vice versa. Together, we can turn this downward spiral of stress into an upward spiral of success.
  3. Positive Peer Pressure: Tapping is highly visible. Because children need the approval of peers and parents, support and encouragement are required to eliminate the fear of ridicule by those who don’t understand it. Our program makes Tapping “popular”.
  4. Beneficial impact multiplies exponentially when we teach everyone involved in the school, including parents. There’s something magical about people coming together, as a community, to embrace healthy and simple solutions to complex problems.
  5. Cost Factors. Many parents are barely able to focus on more than providing food and shelter. The costs required to reach every family individually would be enormous, making it cost-prohibitive for all. By bringing our program to schools, we are able to make a great impact at a very low cost per person.
  6. Corporate Sponsor Funding. By inviting qualified* companies to help fund our programs, we create a win-win-win. Everyone benefits in ways previously unavailable.  Companies gain exposure for their *non-toxic goods and *needed services, while supporting the well-being and success of the people they serve. It’s another upward spiral of mutual support!

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Beyond Mindfulness...

Whole Schools Tap into Happy

When it comes to performing on tests, sports, concerts, recitals... being able to get calm and focused is essential to successful outcomes.

Yet even for many adults, being able to calm oneself down is easier said than done – especially when you’re under pressure to perform.

Even students with the best of everything – backgrounds, abilities, and academic levels – will wrestle with pain, emotions, self-image and irrational fears that interfere from time to time.

And for children who experience learning challenges, illness or death of a loved one, traumatic incidents, abuse, emotional instability, or bullying (from either side of the equation)… feelings can become overwhelming.

Sometimes downright unbearable.

Despite the common belief that “children are so resilient,” what we know is that the negative effects of trauma, neglect, and chronic mental and emotional pain often follow children into adulthood, where they can really cause damage… to themselves and others.

Maven & the Magic Buttons teaches the same skill that helped many children and adults heal from the traumatic effects of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. EFT Tapping has also been used to help the orphans of mass genocide in Rwanda. Click here for details.

“Magic Buttons” is kid-speak for EFT Tapping and Belly Button Breathing.

If these easy-to-learn skills can help survivors of trauma to make peace with their world – from the inside out – doesn’t it just makes sense to teach them to all children early in life?

It could just be the most important single subject in a child’s education. What else is going to have such an important impact on a child’s capacity for health, happiness and success?

Simply stated, these evidence-based strategies allow us to calm the Amygdala (fear center of the brain) shown above in red, so the Prefrontal Cortex can do what it does best: orchestrate the brain’s activity for intelligent regulation of behavior, thought and emotion. These factors also correspond with the Autonomic Nervous System’s Sympathetic (fight-flight-or freeze) and Parasympathetic modes, respectively. For a detailed study on the interplay between the Amygdala and PFC, click here.

Of course, deep breathing also fuels the brain with precious oxygen. Greater confidence, concentration, emotional regulation, and “super-learning” states can now be enjoyed.

“Magic Buttons” make mindfulness fun and simple!

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness programs are both popular and valuable. But they cannot compare to the ease, excitement and efficacy of the “Magic Buttons.” Happily, our book, app and school program deliver all the benefits of EQ, Mindfulness, and more.

It is very easy for kids to learn and use their Magic Buttons for self-regulation – the benefits of which parents and teachers absolutely love!

Especially given the budget cuts, political changes, and financial challenges being faced by schools, we believe the time has come to give pre-K through 4th grade students the most valuable and affordable “Whole Child” training of their lives.

Exactly what our Whole Schools Tap Into Happy program delivers!

Empower elementary students to do their best when it counts the most!

Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than it sounds. At the center of our Whole Schools program is Maven & the Magic Buttons, the fully-illustrated story book that demonstrates emotional intelligence while empowering kids to…

  • Perform better on tests and athletics
  • Calm themselves down
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Cooperate and collaborate
  • Improve behavior & compliance
  • Feel good about themselves
  • Transform stressful feelings into confidence
  • Resist bullies
  • Resolve issues that lead to bullying


Two full-time teachers

Three part-time teachers

Average years of experience: 10 years

We come to you

Maximum Class Size

20:1 student to teacher

20 students per class

Smaller groups for special needs

Financial Considerations

The standard fee structure starts at only $50 per child for schools of 100 or fewer students. This includes three months of access to the Magic Buttons Mobile App* for each child. Add $7-10 per child to provide each with a printed copy of Maven & the Magic Buttons. Larger schools pay less per child.

However, we strive to offset these fees by up to 90% via Corporate Sponsorship and/or non-profit grants and fundraisers facilitated by The OxyGenesis Institute, a non-profit 501c3 United Charitable Program.

*After 3-month trial period, parents decide whether to continue their child’s subscription to the Mobile App for as little as $2-$4 per month.

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We are now booking for Fall 2017. Don’t let another day fly by without taking this important step for your school and community.

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