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The OxyGenesis Institute was established in 2003 to provide education about natural, alternative and holistic approaches to health, and to support those who seek self-empowerment in the attainment of vibrant health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We respect the importance and validity of all faiths, religions and spiritual paths, as well as all cultures, genders, ages, races, lifestyles, and physical / intellectual abilities. Our programs are designed to support each individual’s unique needs on whatever path they have chosen or landed upon.


Mission: Empower the Next Generation

Our mission is to co-create a safer, more peaceful and sustainable world, by improving the mental health, emotional health, and physical health of the up and coming generations.

We do this by empowering young children with self-regulatory strategies that help them process painful feelings and transform them into constructive energy. Doing so improves focus, learning capacity, behavior, performance, self-esteem, and the ability to resist the harmful temptations of peer pressure.

Ultimately, these children will become capable, loving, respectful, healthy, and responsible adults, who are happily contributing their unique gifts to the world.

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Our Vision: Whole Schools Tapping

We will begin by offering readings of Maven & the Magic Buttons in libraries, camps, health-related organizations, and schools. We will provide follow-up support for practicing these strategies via the Magic Buttons Mobile App, and an online community for connecting with other students who use the Magic Buttons strategies.

In schools, we will deliver these skills to every child, in every classroom, in elementary schools across the United States, and beyond. These future parents, teachers, citizens and leaders will acquire the skills and support to process and relieve painful feelings, in a way that shows each child how valuable and capable s/he truly is. This will build self-esteem, confidence and true resilience, while reducing the need to “act out” painful feelings.

Graphic- Emotional Issues vs Pain Discomfort

Health + Happiness = Success

Stress has been identified as the primary cause for most mental illness, physical illness, and destructive attitudes and behavior. However, healthy levels of stress are the cornerstone of growth and peak performance.

Resilience is the mitigating factor in turning stress into health rather than disease. However, young children are not as resilient as adults assume.  They seem resilient because they live in the moment, and quickly move on to the next. However, during the first 6 years of life, the subconscious mind is recording every scary experience for later reference.

Problems that arise in adulthood can often be traced back to unexpressed emotions about scary, confusing, or adverse childhood experiences (aka ACEs). The resulting beliefs (aka “conditioning”) children develop – about themselves and the world – have been shown to carry more consequence than DNA in the determination of health, happiness and success!


Self-Care for All

The Magic Buttons – EFT Tapping & Belly Button Breathing – are simple yet powerful skills that provide the true resilience needed to navigate this modern high-tech world. As we use them to process our emotions and experiences, we are able to prevent self-defeating beliefs from sticking.

Self-esteem and confidence are natural results. Combined with healthy boundaries, these are the foundation for good behavior, health, true happiness and success.

All of our staff and teachers are enthusiastic about sharing the power of the Magic Buttons because of the results experienced in their own lives.

All staff members are capable and committed to treating children and adults with love, compassion, respect… and clear, healthy boundaries.

As a matter of policy, we require and support all staff members to take responsibility for processing their own feelings, behavior, and performance, using their own Magic Buttons.

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