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Children’s storybook empowers K-5 students to reduce test anxiety

Teaches skills for self-regulation of emotions, focus, attention span, performance and behavior

Mimi Stevens has written a story aimed at teaching K-4 students exactly how to take charge of their own minds, feelings and behavior. While Maven & the Magic Buttons; How Tapping into Happy Helps Tears Disappear is a story written for children, adults can also relate and benefit from it.
When 10-year old Maven gets up on the wrong side of the bed after a poor night’s sleep, anxiety about a big math test snowballs into a variety of painful feelings, including a belly ache. At school, “Glenda the Good Nurse” instructs her in Belly Button Breathing, followed by EFT Tapping on 9 more “magic buttons”. Maven’s fear and discomfort quickly subside and she is soon eager to ace that math test.
Passionate about helping children cope with an increasingly complex world, the author intends to read the book to hundreds of classrooms this year, empowering thousands of kids with these real-life, nearly-magical skills. She plans to fund much of the mission with crowdfunding, corporate sponsorship and grant money. View crowdfunding video on YouTube here.
Former Director of Youth Ministry at Unity of Greater Hartford, Stevens is the founder of The OxyGenesis Institute. A non-profit 501c3 United Charitable Program since 2003, the organization is preparing to launch a crowd-fundraising campaign in April, to fund “Whole Schools Tapping 2 Happy” programs, complete with a mobile app that will support kids in successfully managing feelings and behavior on a daily basis.
While Mindfulness Meditation is a developing trend in efforts to support the whole child at school, Stevens says, “the ‘magic buttons’ are much easier for kids to master… and results happen faster. The essence of Mindfulness training is deep breathing, which brings awareness to the present moment, and resets the nervous system to ‘calm and confident’ mode while oxygenating the brain. Add EFT Tapping, shown in studies to calm the fear center of the brain, and you get all the benefits of meditation with a fraction of the time and learning curve.”
Maven & the Magic Buttons; How Tapping into Happy Helps Tears Disappear can be purchased at Review copies are available in PDF or print, upon request. Ms. Stevens is available for radio, TV, and print interviews and articles. Volume discounts and wholesale discounts are available via INI Free Press.
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